Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you clean your gutters?

A lot of this is down to location, and the condition of your roof tiles. If you’ve got a few trees near your property, you should have an annual gutter clean. More, and we’d recommend you do it twice a year.

Some sand-based tiles will eventually cause build-up of debris in your gutters. An annual gutter clean should do the trick.

Is there an ideal time to clean gutters?

There’s no golden rule here. Obviously if your gutters are noticeably blocked or leaking, then the sooner the better, to avoid any lasting damage to the fabric of your property.

If we need to repair your gutters, then it is easier to thoroughly brush them out and apply fresh sealant or mastic in dryer months – but as the British weather is notoriously unpredictable, dryer months aren’t guaranteed in the summer.

However, autumn and winter are generally wetter, with leaf-fall, which can make routine gutter repair and cleaning less straightforward.

How long should gutters last?

A UPVC gutter should last between 25 and 30 years. Eventually the plastic turns brittle and the rubber seals porous, so the gutter gets damaged more easily.

Cast iron gutters, on the other hand, should have around 100 years’ life in them – providing they have been properly installed.

Leaks are a sign of gutter deterioration, and, over time, temporary fixes may prove to be short-lived, meaning you need a gutter replacement.

What do we use to clean gutters?

There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned elbow grease, so our main tools are brushes and sponges. Cleaning by hand ensures a thorough job, especially when it comes to removing large amounts of encrusted dirt.

We use stabilised ladders to reach gutters or, for tenements, ropes.

What causes leaking gutters?

Gutters leak for two main reasons: they’re damaged or they’re blocked. If the gutter is leaking close to a downpipe, then it is likely that the downpipe is blocked.

Also, sometimes we find a gutter has been installed incorrectly, so that the water is running away from the downpipe. This means the gutter will end up holding too much water and overflow down the side.



Gutter Clean Edinburgh

Cost Effective Gutter Cleaning in Edinburgh

We’ll look after your gutters. Edinburgh Gutter Cleaning Company specialises in gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter painting and we install new gutters.

We’re efficient and effective, and we keep your costs down, because we know we’re providing an essential service to homes and businesses across Edinburgh and Midlothian.

We also specialise in gutter cleaning for tenements – our expertly trained team use rope access for hard to reach areas. You’ll save on time and the expense of scaffolding.

Keeping Your Gutters in Peak Condition

Keeping gutters clear and unblocked sometimes isn’t enough to ensure they’re in peak condition. If your gutters need repairing we can carry out this work. If they’re looking a bit worn and scruffy we’re happy to paint them for you.

Where gutters have deteriorated to an extent that they’re no longer effective we offer a full gutter install service.

We provide cost effective, professional property maintenance – give us a call on 07717 634956 or email support@edinburghguttercleaningcompany.com for a quote. We think you’ll be happily surprised at our prices.